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05/13/2018Wayne Moore Who is Jesus?
Sunday Morning Selected Scriptures
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07/08/2018Pastor Tim Williams The Smell of a Wolf Pt 1
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:15-23
Download 7-8-18_Mt_7.mp3
07/15/2018Pastor Tim Williams The Smell of a Wolf Pt 2
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:15-20
Download 7-15-18_Matt_7.mp3
07/22/2018Pastor Tim Williams Good and Bad Fruit
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:16-20
Download 7-22-18_Mt_7.mp3
07/29/2018Pastor Tim Williams I NEVER Knew You
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:21-23
Download 7-29-18_Matt_7.mp3
08/05/2018Pastor Tim Williams Only Two Kinds of Builders
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:24-29
Download 8-5-18_Matt_7.mp3

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